Change Background Color

Change Background Color

Customizing the background color of your popup can greatly impact the visual appeal and effectiveness of your call to action. Here’s a simple guide to changing the background color of a popup using

Step 1: Log In and Access Popups

- Sign in to your account.

- Head to your dashboard where your popups are displayed.

- Click on “+ New Popup” if you want to create a new one, or choose an existing popup to modify.

Step 2: Create or Edit a Popup

- For a new popup, type in your requirements and hit “Create Popup,” or click “Choose from Templates” to use a pre-designed one.

- To edit an existing popup, simply click on it to open the editing mode.

Step 3: Template Selection (if starting new)

- Select a suitable template from the collection offered by

Step 4: Customize the Popup

- Once you’ve chosen a template, you will be directed to the customization interface.

- Your selected popup and the customization options will be visible on this screen.

Step 5: Access Background Settings

- Find the “Background” section in the customization panel.

Step 6: Choose a Background Color

- Click on the color box beside the “Background” label to open the color selection tool.

Step 7: Selecting Your Color

- Pick a new color by:

- Selecting a preset solid color.

- Clicking “Custom Color” to input a specific hex code or select from a detailed color picker.

- Opting for an image background by selecting the “Image” option.

Step 8: Apply the New Color

- The popup preview should update with the new color. Click “Next” to continue once you’re satisfied with the choice.

Step 9: Save Your Popup

- Confirm and save the changes to update your popup’s background color.

Step 10: Preview and Test

- Always preview the updated popup on your website to ensure the new color works well with your overall site aesthetics.

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