Exit-Intent Popup

Exit-Intent Popup

Step 1: Selecting Your Popup

- After logging in to your Poper.ai dashboard, start by either selecting an existing popup from your list or creating a new one by clicking the '+ New Popup' button.

Step 2: Template Selection

- Choose an appropriate template for your popup that aligns with the message you want to deliver when users show exit intent. This could be anything from a last-minute discount offer to a reminder to join your community.

Step 3: Customization

- Customize the chosen template with your own text, images, and branding. Make sure the popup's design is engaging as it will be the last interaction with the user.

Step 4: Trigger Settings

- Scroll to the 'Display Triggers' section. Here, you will set the conditions that will trigger the popup. Select 'Exit Intent' as your trigger, which will cause the popup to appear when the user's mouse movement suggests they are about to leave the page.

Step 5: Additional Triggers

- If desired, you can combine the exit intent trigger with other conditions by clicking on '+ New Trigger'. This allows you to refine when the popup appears, for instance, if you only want it to show when a user has been inactive for a certain time or after they have scrolled a percentage of the page.

Step 6: Saving Your Popup

- Once you have set the trigger, review all the settings and save your popup.

Step 7: Implementation

- Finally, implement the popup on your website by following the instructions provided by Poper.ai. This might include adding a snippet of code to your website or using a plugin if your site is on a platform like WordPress.

Remember, the goal of an exit-intent popup is to capture the attention of a user who might be leaving your site, offering them a reason to stay or engage further. It's important to make sure that your offer is compelling and relevant to your audience.

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