GDPR: Don't store leads in Poper for Compliance Purposes

GDPR: Don't store leads in Poper for Compliance Purposes

Ensuring GDPR compliance is essential for handling personal data responsibly. Poper provides features to help you adhere to GDPR regulations, including the option to refrain from storing leads in Poper's database. Follow these steps to enable GDPR compliance settings in Poper:

How to Enable GDPR Compliance:

Access Settings:

Start by accessing your Poper dashboard. Click on "Settings" located in the top menu, then select "Profile." This will take you to your profile settings.

Within your profile settings, navigate to the "GDPR" tab. Please note that only super admins can manage GDPR settings for domains, and the settings are domain-specific.

Select Leads Save Option:

In the GDPR tab, locate the option labeled "Do not save the leads/conversions to Poper's database." Toggle this option to enable GDPR compliance and prevent storing leads in Poper.

Save Changes:

After enabling the compliance option, click on the "Save" button to apply the changes.

Implement Integrations:

If you have enabled GDPR compliance to avoid storing leads in Poper, ensure that you have integrations set up in all your popups to capture leads externally. Poper offers numerous native integrations to facilitate lead capture seamlessly.


Domain-Specific Settings:

Keep in mind that GDPR settings in Poper are specific to each domain under your account. Settings applied to one domain will not affect others.

Integration Implementation:

It's crucial to implement integrations in all your popups if you opt not to store leads in Poper's database. This ensures that you continue to capture leads effectively while maintaining GDPR compliance.
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