Google Analytics 4 Events Integration in Poper

Google Analytics 4 Events Integration in Poper

Poper integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to provide you with in-depth insights into how users interact with your popups. This allows you to track and analyze the effectiveness of your Poper campaigns, ultimately helping you optimize your website's marketing efforts.

Leveraging Poper Events in GA4

No complex setup is needed! As long as both Poper and Google Analytics 4 scripts are installed on your website, Poper will automatically detect GA4 and start sending valuable data about your popup campaigns.

All events from poper starts with "poper_" prefix. Here's a breakdown of the specific events Poper sends to GA4:
  1. poper_display: This event triggers whenever a popup, nudge, or toolbar is displayed on your website.
  2. poper_close: This event is fired whenever a user closes a popup, nudge, or toolbar.
  3. poper_submit_form: This event tracks form submissions within your popups, providing valuable insight into user engagement.
  4. poper_open_link: This event helps you understand how users interact with links within your popups. It fires whenever a user clicks a link, whether it's attached to a button or the entire popup itself.
  5. poper_play_game: If you're using a gamified popup like a spin wheel, this event tracks user participation, allowing you to analyze its effectiveness.
  6. poper_go_to_step: This event is triggered when a user progresses to another step in a multi-step popup campaign. It can be initiated by a button click or by making the entire popup clickable with a custom action.

Additional Parameters for Enhanced Analysis

Along with these events, Poper also sends crucial parameters to provide further context within GA4. 

Here's a list of parameters:
  1. campaign_name: This parameter displays the name you assigned to your popup campaign for easy identification.
  2. campaign_id: This provides a unique identifier for each popup campaign, allowing for more granular analysis.
  3. link (available only in poper_open_link): This parameter specifically identifies which link was clicked within your popup.
  4. state_name (applicable to multi-step popups): This parameter reveals which step of a multi-step popup is being accessed.

Optimizing Your Popups with GA4 Data

By analyzing these Poper events and parameters within GA4, you gain valuable insights into your popup campaigns' performance. You can track metrics like display rates, engagement (clicks, form submissions, game plays), and user behavior within multi-step popups. With this data, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your popups for better results, ultimately improving your website's conversion rates and marketing effectiveness.

Here are some ways to leverage GA4 data to optimize your Poper popups:

Identify high-performing popups: Analyze popup_display and engagement events (submit_form, open_link, play_game) to see which popups resonate most with your audience.
Refine targeting: Analyze which pages or user segments lead to higher engagement with your popups. This can help you refine your targeting settings to show popups to the most receptive audience.
Optimize popup content: See which elements within your popups are most engaging (calls to action, visuals, etc.) by analyzing clicks and form submissions.
Test different popup designs: Use GA4 data to compare the performance of A/B tested popup variations to identify the most effective design.

By leveraging the power of Poper and GA4 integration, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your popup campaigns and make data-driven decisions to achieve your marketing goals.
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