How to Add a Border to Your Popups in Poper

How to Add a Border to Your Popups in Poper

Customizing your popup with a border can help it stand out on your webpage. Here’s how to add and customize a border for your popup in

1. Start in the Dashboard:

- Log into your account.

- Go to the main dashboard and click on "All Popups" to see your list of popups.

2. Choose a Popup to Edit:

- Select the popup you want to add a border to by clicking on it. This will open the popup editing interface.

3. Access the Global Settings:

- Within the popup editor, find the "Global Settings" panel on the right-hand side.

4. Locate Border Options:

- Scroll down in the "Global Settings" until you see the "Border" section.

5. Activate the Border Setting:

- Toggle the switch next to "Border" to activate the border settings if it isn’t already enabled.

6. Adjust the Border Width:

- Use the slider or input box labeled "Width" to set the thickness of your border.

7. Choose the Border Style:

- Click on the drop-down menu labeled "Style" to select a border style. Options may include solid, dotted, dashed, etc.

8. Select the Border Color:

- Click on the color box next to "Color" to open a color picker.

- Select the color you want for your border. You can choose from the palette, or enter a specific HEX code for precision.

9. Preview the Popup:

- As you make changes, look at the popup preview area to see how your border will look.

10. Save Your Changes:

- Once you are happy with the border, click the "Update" button to apply your changes.

11. Check the Live Popup:

- After saving, it’s a good idea to check the popup on your website to ensure the border appears correctly across different devices and browsers.

Following these steps will help you effectively add a customized border to your popups on, enhancing the visual appeal and drawing more attention to your content or call-to-action.

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