How to add Video Player in Poper?

How to add Video Player in Poper?

Enhance your Poper popups by adding a video player, providing a richer and more engaging user experience. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of integrating a video player into your Poper popups.

Steps to Add a Video Player:

Access Poper Dashboard:

Navigate to your Poper dashboard.
Open the popup you want to edit or create a new popup by clicking Add New.

Open Popup Editor:

In the Popup Editor, click on the Add button on the right-hand sidebar.

Add a Box Element:

Select a Box from the list of elements.
This Box can be transformed into a video player.

Configure Background Settings:

Locate the Background Settings in the right-hand sidebar.
Switch to the Video tab and upload your video.

Adjust Video Options:

Enable User can Play/Pause to allow users to control the video.
Configure Autoplay, Muted, and Loop options as needed.
You can also enable Progress bar for your Video on either Top or Bottom of the Box.

Important Considerations:

Autoplay with sound requires user interaction due to browser policies.
Add the video to a later step in the popup sequence to ensure interaction.

Save and Publish:

Save your changes and publish the popup.
Preview and test the popup across different devices and browsers.

By following these instructions, you can seamlessly integrate a video player into your Poper popups, capturing your audience's attention and improving engagement.
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