How to connect custom fields from Poper to Mailerlite

How to connect custom fields from Poper to Mailerlite

Mapping custom fields from Mailerlite to Poper allows you to synchronize data seamlessly between the two platforms. Follow these steps to map custom fields from Mailerlite to Poper:

How to Create Custom Fields in Mailerlite:

Access Mailerlite Subscribers:

Start by accessing your Mailerlite account and navigating to the "Subscribers" section.

Within the Subscribers section, click on "Fields" to manage your subscriber fields.

Create New Field:

Click on the "Create New Field" button to begin creating a new custom field. We recommend you to keep the Type as "Text".

Define Field Name:

Give your custom field a name. Ensure that the field name is a single word without spaces. We recommend using hyphens (-) or underscores (_) to separate words for consistency.

Create Field:

After defining the field name, create the field to add it to your Mailerlite account.

How to Map Custom Fields in Poper:

Access Poper Fields:

Return to your Poper dashboard and navigate to the popup where you want to map custom fields from Mailerlite.

Add Another Attribute:

Within the popup editor, click on "Add Another Attribute" to begin mapping custom fields.

Enter Field Name:

Enter the exact field name that you created in Mailerlite into the provided field in Poper. This ensures accurate mapping between the two platforms.

Select Input Field ID:

Choose the Poper Input field ID or enter a hardcoded string that you want to add as the custom field in Mailerlite. You can type the hardcoded string directly into the field instead of selecting it from the dropdown.

Save Fields:

Once you have mapped all the necessary custom fields, click on "Connect" to apply the changes.

Test Mapping:

After saving the fields, test the mapping to ensure that data synchronization between Mailerlite and Poper is functioning correctly.
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