How to Download Leads on Poper

How to Download Leads on Poper

Maximize your marketing efforts by seamlessly downloading lead information from your popups. Follow these simple steps to efficiently gather lead data for further analysis and nurturing.

Step 1: Login to Your Dashboard:

Begin by signing in to your dashboard with your credentials to access your popups and associated data.

Step 2: View Leads:

Click on the leads icon, which might be represented by a user or bar chart symbol, to access the leads overview for that particular popup.

Step 3: Download Leads:

Go to the download option, or the 'Download' button, to retrieve the leads. Your download will generally be in a CSV or Excel format, ready for use in other applications.

Step 4: Save the Leads File:

Save the downloaded file to your computer, taking note of the download location and file name for future access.


Handle the lead information securely to respect the privacy and data protection laws applicable to your audience. Ensure you’re working with the latest version of for an up-to-date experience.

Save the downloaded file to your computer, taking note of the download location and file name for future access.

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