How to make entire Popup Clickable?

How to make entire Popup Clickable?

Follow these steps to make your entire popup clickable in Poper, allowing users to open a link or navigate to a specific step within a multi-step popup.

Steps to Make an Entire Popup Clickable

Step 1: Access Your Dashboard

Open your web browser and go to the Poper website.
Login to your Poper account using your credentials.

Step 2: Open or Create a Popup

Once logged in, you will be taken to your Poper dashboard.

Find the popup you want to edit from the list of popups and click on it to open the editor.
If you want to create a new popup, click on "Add New" to open the popup editor.

Step 3: Access Global Settings

In the popup editor window, look to the right-hand side of the screen where the settings panel is located.

Step 4: Enable the Clickable Setting

Within the "Global Settings" section, look for the "Clickable" setting.
Turn on the "Clickable" setting by toggling the switch.
Once the "Clickable" setting is turned on, additional options will expand below it.
By default, the "Open Link" action will be selected.

Step 5: Set the Click Action

If you want the entire popup to open a link when clicked, enter the URL in the provided field.

If you want the entire popup to navigate to a specific step in a multi-step popup, select the "Go to step" action.
Specify the step number or name to which the user should be taken when the popup is clicked.

Step 6: Save and Test Your Popup

Click on the "Save" button to apply all your settings to the popup.

Open your website where the popup is integrated.
Trigger the popup and click anywhere on it to ensure it performs the desired action (either opening a link or navigating to a specified step).
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