How to show/hide popups on only homepage?

How to show/hide popups on only homepage?

Displaying popups exclusively on your homepage can be an effective way to engage visitors as soon as they land on your site. Follow these steps to show or hide popups specifically on your homepage using Poper:

How to Show/Hide Popups on the Homepage:

Access Your Dashboard:

Log in to your Poper dashboard and navigate to the domain where you want to modify the popup.

Open the Popup:

Select the popup you want to configure by clicking on it from your list of popups.

Go to Audience Filtering:

From the left navigation menu, click on "Audience Filtering" to access the filtering options.

Configure Page Targeting:

Scroll down to the "Page targeting" section within the Audience Filtering settings.
From the dropdown menu, choose the appropriate option:
  1. "Is Homepage": Select this option if you want the popup to be displayed only on the homepage.
  2. "Is Not Homepage": Select this option if you want the popup to be displayed on all pages except the homepage.

Apply the Filter:

After selecting the desired option, make sure to apply the filter.

Save the Popup:

Click on the "Save" button to save your changes.

Review the Popup:

Ensure that your popup behaves as expected by visiting your homepage and other pages to confirm the correct display behavior.
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