How to View Leads for a Specific Popup in Poper

How to View Leads for a Specific Popup in Poper

Step 1:

Navigate to the Dashboard Log in to your account to land on your dashboard. This is where you'll find an overview of all your popups and their performance.

Step 2:

Access the Leads Section Click on the 'Leads' icon. It's here where the magic of your engagement efforts becomes tangible with leads waiting to be nurtured.

Step 3:

Select a Specific Popup Use the dropdown menu to filter leads by specific popups. This allows you to segment and organize your leads according to the popup they interacted with.

Step 4:

Download Leads There's an option to download these leads directly. Look for the download button—clicking this will save the leads of the selected popup, allowing you to further analyze or reach out as part of your marketing strategy.

Remember, every lead could be a potential customer. Make the most of your dashboard to transform clicks into connections.

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