How to view leads for all Popups in Poper

How to view leads for all Popups in Poper

Easily monitor the effectiveness of your popups by viewing the leads they've generated directly in your dashboard.

Step 1: Log in and Go to Dashboard

Sign in to your account and select the appropriate dashboard from the dropdown if you manage multiple sites or domains.

Step 2: Go to Leads

Next go to the 'Leads' column, which shows the number of leads collected by each popup.

Step 3: View Detailed Leads Information

After clicking on the leads icon, you will be presented with a comprehensive list of all leads generated from your website's popups. To conveniently download this data, simply click on the 'Download' button to obtain all leads in one consolidated file.

With these steps, you can effectively track the leads generated from each popup, allowing you to measure performance and adjust your strategies accordingly.

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