Inactivity Trigger

Inactivity Trigger

Step 1: Open Dashboard

- Navigate to the main dashboard of

Step 2: Create or Select a Popup


- Click on ‘+ New Popup’ to create a new popup or select an existing one from the list to modify.

Step 3: Fine-Tune the Popup

- Adjust the design, message, and other settings of the popup to ensure it aligns with the purpose of re-engaging inactive users.

Step 4: Access Trigger Settings

- In the popup settings, look for the ‘Display Triggers’ section to configure when the popup should appear.

Step 5: Configure Inactivity Trigger

- Click on ‘+ New Trigger’ and choose 'Inactivity'. Set the time in seconds for how long a user should be inactive on the page before the popup is displayed.

Step 6: Save and Test

- Save the popup configuration and test it on your website to make sure it activates after the set period of inactivity.

This inactivity trigger can be a powerful tool for re-engaging users who may have become distracted or disinterested while browsing your site. It’s often used to present special offers, reminders, or even to solicit feedback on why they are leaving.

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