On Click/Hover Trigger

On Click/Hover Trigger

Increase engagement and capture leads at the right moment by configuring On Click or Hover triggers for your popups in Poper. Follow these steps to set up the trigger:

How to Set Up On Click/Hover Trigger:

Edit Popup:

Navigate to the Poper dashboard and locate the popup you want to modify. Enter the editing mode for the selected popup.

Access Triggers:

Within the popup editor, navigate to the "Triggers" section located on the left-hand side.

Add New Trigger:

Click on "Add New Trigger" to create a new trigger for the popup.

Select On Click/Hover:

Choose the "On Click" or "On Hover" trigger option, depending on when you want the popup to appear. Selecting "On Click" will display the popup when the specified element is clicked, while "On Hover" will trigger the popup when the mouse cursor hovers over the element.

Specify CSS Selector:

Enter the CSS selector of the HTML element to which you want to apply the trigger. If you're not familiar with CSS selectors, refer to our separate guide on how to find CSS selectors for your elements.

Save/Update Popup:

Once you've specified the trigger details, save or update the popup to apply the On Click/Hover trigger settings.

Verify the Trigger:

Test the popup on your live website to verify that the On Click/Hover trigger functions as expected. Click or hover over the specified element to trigger the popup and ensure it appears as intended.
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