Scheduling Popups

Scheduling Popups

Scheduling popups to appear at specific times is an effective way to target your audience and maximize engagement. Poper offers flexible scheduling options to help you achieve this. Follow these steps to schedule popups to appear at only certain times in Poper:

How to Schedule Popups:

Edit Popup:

Start by editing the popup to which you want to apply scheduling. Navigate to the Poper dashboard and locate the desired popup.

Access Display Triggers:

Within the popup editor, navigate to the "Display Triggers" section located on the left-hand side.

Add Schedule:

Scroll down within the Display Triggers section to find the "Schedule" box. Click on "Add Schedule" to create a new scheduling time.

Choose Schedule Type:

In the modal that appears, choose the type of schedule you want to create: "Fixed" or "Repeat."
Fixed Schedule:

For a fixed schedule, select the start and end dates and times when you want the popup to appear. Click "OK" to confirm.
Repeat Schedule:

For a repeat schedule, select the days of the week on which you want the popup to appear. Then, specify the start and end times for each day. This is useful for setting up recurring promotions or events. Click "OK" to confirm.

Select Timezone:

After setting the schedule details, choose the timezone to which you want to apply this scheduling.

Add Schedule:

Click on the "Add" button to add the schedule to your popup.

Stack Multiple Schedules:

You can stack multiple schedules for your popup by repeating the above steps. This allows for greater flexibility in targeting different timeframes.

Save Changes:

Once you have configured the schedules as desired, click on the "Save" button to apply the changes. The popup will now be displayed at the specified times according to the schedule.
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