Understanding Background Style in Poper Popups

Understanding Background Style in Poper Popups

The background style in Poper refers to the visual effect applied to the area behind the popup content when it appears on a webpage. This feature is significant as it helps to draw the user's attention to the popup by differentiating it from the rest of the page. Here's an explanation based on the images you've provided:

Options for Background Styles in Poper:

1. None: This option means that no additional styling is applied to the background. The popup appears with the webpage fully visible behind it.

2. Darken: Selecting this will overlay a semi-transparent dark shade over the content behind the popup. It makes the popup stand out more and minimizes distractions from the webpage.

3. Blur: This option applies a blur effect to the webpage behind the popup, which again helps in focusing the user's attention on the popup itself by making the background content less distinct.

4. Darken + Blur: A combination of the darken and blur effects is applied to the background, offering the highest level of distinction for the popup against the background content.

Adjusting Darken Color and Blur Strength:

Locate the Background Style Options: Within the popup design settings, find the "Background Style" dropdown menu.

Dropdown Options and Customization Controls:  Notice that alongside the dropdown menu, there is a small adjust button. This will open up a popover and, there might be sliders or input fields for "Darken Color" and "Blur Strength." These options appear when you select "Darken" or "Darken + Blur" from the dropdown menu.

Darken Color:  This color input allows you to adjust the intensity and color of the darkening effect applied behind the popup. Select the color directly from the picker. You can also adjust the transparency there.

Blur Strength:  This slider or input field controls the intensity of the blur effect applied to the background. Increasing the blur strength will make the background elements less distinct, further drawing the user's focus to the popup content. Conversely, decreasing the blur strength will result in a less blurred background, offering a clearer view of the webpage content behind the popup.

How to Set the Background Style:

- Navigate to the popup creation or editing interface in Poper.

- Look for the "Background Style" dropdown menu or option within the design settings.

- Select from the available options—None, Darken, Blur, or Darken + Blur—according to the desired visual effect.

Impact of Background Style:

The background style can significantly affect user engagement with the popup. A well-chosen background style can:

- Ensure that the popup catches the user's attention without being overly intrusive.

- Maintain a balance between the popup's visibility and the webpage's readability.

- Enhance the user's focus on the popup content, potentially increasing the likelihood of achieving the desired action, whether it's signing up for a newsletter, taking advantage of a promotion, or another conversion goal.

When selecting a background style, consider the overall design and user experience of your website to choose a style that complements it effectively.

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